Taylor's Choice Wash is open for business all day, every day.  It's the only car wash featuring an improved touchless experience and a soft-touch option, both featuring top-of-the-line IQ series wash equipment.  Our vacuums are free, and you can earn free washes with the Touch4Wash app

Your Car. Your Choice.

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The IQ wash creates a complete trace pattern from a 3D scan of every car, so the wash knows to follow every contour of your vehicle. It knows when you have a luggage rack, a spoiler, or a pickup with a ladder, and adjusts automatically.
Choose your wash to get your car cleaner than ever - soft-touch with closed cell foam brushes to cut through that oily film, or go touchless with high-impact turbo nozzles to knock off that sticky clay.
It's more than state-of-the-art equipment that uses less than half the water of most washes, less chemical and less electricity per wash; the wash features high-efficiency CFL and LED lighting thoughout - even the parking lot lights are LED.
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